Beautiful Thinking

Eunoia (εύνοια) is the olive oil produced by our company using traditional methods which ensure its excellent aroma and unique taste!

Beautiful Thinking

[εύνοια] Eunoia (ευ-νοια) is the Greek word for good, smart, articulate thinking. “ευ” means “good”, while “νοια” means “mind, thinking”. It gives a feeling of goodwill and kindness, willing to help.

Our Story
Beautiful Thinking

Mediterranean nations have been making olive oil for thousands of years, passing down knowledge of the craft from generation to generation. It is not only a key ingredient of our daily diet but also an integral part of our tradition, the aromas and flavors of our life.

Our family have been cultivating olives and producing premium extra virgin olive oil for 50 years. Our vision and commitment is to guarantee an exquisite flavor and high quality in our olive oil.

We are a team of highly motivated people who cares about our land and the history that contains, we believe in preserving our tradition spreading the EVOO culture and providing exceptional products and service.

Making Olive Oil Sustainable

Our primary goal is to reduce our footprint in the environment as much as possible by using the latest technology and respecting the European quality standards.

Enhancing and highlighting the sustainability of olive farming are important not only for the environment but also for the future of the olive oil industry.

Our ambition is to create an environmentally friendly olive oil of the highest quality.

Cold Pressed

Our olive oil is extracted shortly after the harvest using the cold pressing method and it is then stored in stainless steel tanks and kept in a cool, dark place under controlled temperature so that all its healthy polyphenols, antioxidants, and vitamins as well as its unique taste and flavour are preserved.

"Golden Liquid"

The nutritional elements found in abundance in the soil of our region along with the sea breeze caressing our olive trees and the early-harvest method result in our exceptional-quality olive oil. Every step of the production is thoroughly tested, and the packaging of the final product is conducted in accordance with the latest marketing standards.

Ancient Kyllini

Kyllini was the biggest harbor in the western Peloponnese and served the needs of Olympia, hometown of the Olympic Games, dating from the 5th century BC until the 3rd BC. Its privileged location was connecting this area to the western of the Mediterranean. Most of the people who came to the sanctuary, did it by sea, therefore Kyllini’s harbor became an important circulation center of people and goods, being the main products olive oil, grapes and wine. Olive oil has been linked to Greek history for more than 3.000 years.

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